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SaaS products

Alongside our company Financial Solutions, explore the different platforms and access a wide range of digital transformation solutions in the financial sector. 

Efficiency and availability guarantees that our platforms meet the requirements of operation and international standards, which allows you to streamline the operation of your business.

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We design specialized products with all the technology that characterizes us, which allows us to offer tailor-made developments. 

  • Powerful trading platforms and tools 

  • We build a portfolio tailored to your needs 

  • Consistent experience across all channels 

  • Omni-channel solutions. Any device, anywhere, in real time. 

  • Access to all major stock exchanges 

  • We connect you to your data source 

efficiency and availability
complying with operational

Financial Solutions

Digital Transformation and business processes in the financial sector.

Financial Platforms

A wide variety of online trading and investment options and powerful trading platforms can help you create a portfolio suited to your needs.

OUR financial


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Financial Portals

Panels with pre-defined layouts to manage and customize widgets
Widget web financial

Web Widgets

Each widget has its own characteristics. Full customization of fonts and colors


Low-latency real-time data feed.
widget mobile

Mobile Widgets

View real-time streaming quotes. Access charts for technical analysis on the go. 



Artificial intelligence in chatbots is changing the relationship between banks and customers. 



Connect your own data with a fully autonomous implementation. 



Refinitiv provides information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global financial markets by provicid their services to more than 40,000 institutions in 190 countries.

The data we obtain through them enables us to identify more opportunities and facilitate decision-making.

Refinitiv is now part of LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), a leading provider of financial market data and infrastructure.

This provides our platforms with the information required for high-quality trading.

Cloudgenia Partner Refinitiv LSEG

Transactional platforms

State-of-the-art, high-availability platforms with globally distributed architectures, coupled with a robust cloud computing strategy

Creation, implementation, and deployment

Learn about the benefits of our transactional platforms

trading platforms

We are your partner in innovation

Transactional platforms, with globally distributed architectures, accompanied with a robust Cloud Computing strategy and integration with leading payment gateways in the international market.

  • Safe transactions
    End-to-end encryption.
  • High performance
    Large volumes of transactions are processed in real time.
  • Robust Cloud Computing Strategy
    With maximized advantages, efficiency, and savings.
  • 24×7 operations
    High service availability 365 days a year.
  • Errors management
    Control and recovery of transactions in case of errors.
trading platforms

Tax & Trade Management Solutions



Complete and integrated solutions to simplify, optimize and develop tax management.

Global Trade

Technological solutions to increase competitiveness and efficiency in companies.

OUR partner

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters efficiently provides us with any type of consultation we require, whether fiscal, accounting, financial or legal. Also, we have access to resources that facilitate decision-making and generate much more confidence by adding value to the business.
Cloudgenia Partner Thomson Reuters

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We envision the future, by creating smart tech solutions

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Contact Us

Cloudgenia, Inc.
13359 N Hwy, 183 Austin
#406-1015, Austin, TX  78750

Social Media
Our Brands
Logo Capibara
Our Brands
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