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Platform modernization

The biggest challenge is to determine what should be conserved, expanded or replaced to make much more effective investments, we have the expertise to guide you on the modernization and migration to the cloud of your developments, some of our advantages are:

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

Get faster speed to market with high-performance applications

Accelerate innovation by leveraging cloud native solutions

Greater agility and speed of development

Robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your business

Greater competitive advantage

AWS Serveless

  • Create and run applications without thinking about servers. We have certifications that support us to offer you a competitive advantage and a high technological standard.
  • Serverless is a way of describing the services, practices, and strategies that enable you to build more agile applications so that you can innovate and respond to change more quickly. Allowing code to execute in response to events from over 150 natively integrated AWS and SaaS sources, all without managing any server.
  • Serverless services like AWS Lambda come with autoscaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-value billing model.


Known as the simplest migration strategy, it consists of replicating an existing system in the cloud without any changes. It can be seen as the easiest and fastest strategy to implement, but also the one that can be the most costly in the long run.


This strategy involves using certain native cloud services to replace modules or functionalities of the application that you want to migrate, optimizing the operation and saving funds.


Also known as reachitecting, this strategy consists of changing the architecture of the application to take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud offers. It can be a lot of work, but it offers greater benefits in the long run.


This strategy involves replacing the application with a SaaS or pay-as-you-go scheme..


It consists of doing an analysis of the applications that you want to migrate to the cloud, generally between 10% and 20% of them are no longer useful and can be turned off according to the wishes of your business.


Even if we wanted to, not everything fits with the cloud, whether due to costs, compatibility or regulations and this could turn out to be that the best option is to keep your application in its original facilities.

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We consider the 6R as a strategic axis to provide you with the solution you need.

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